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  • Week 2: Favourite Photo (originally posted on Jan 28th 2020)

    Firstly this prompt put a smile on my face because there is one that is in my mind and it is this one! This is a picture of my grandparents Kate (1936-1994) & Colum (1932-2017) and my mum & her brother Duncan. The reason I love this photo is it a brilliant photo of my… Read more

  • Week 1: A Fresh Start (originally posted on Jan 11th 2020)

    Now I thought to myself that my New Years Resolution would be to start Amy Johnson Crow’s challenge called #52Ancestors! This weeks prompt is “A Fresh Start” and that got me thinking about what picture I love and here it is! This is a picture (one of the few mind you) of my great-grandparents John Loftus… Read more

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