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  • An Update! (Originally posted on Oct 14th 2019)

    So, over the past 2 months, plenty has happened. I have been successful in securing Work Experience and it is a DREAM! I’m working in an archive cataloging a collection for one  week and maybe be able to work alongside a professional genealogist for the other week. I attended an evening class in Genealogy in… Read more

  • Ancestor Profile Template Organiser (originally posted on Aug 17th 2019)

    Hello again!This time I’d thought I’d create a template for your ancestors to keep your Birth, Marriage and Death records all in the matter of 2 pages. Click the Download button to get your copy! I was really happy when I finished it because I never thought I’d create something like this! Hope this helps… Read more

  • A Memorable Day (originally posted Jan 7th 2020)

    This may seem like an odd thing to blog about but #OTD (On this Day) in 2017, I started my genealogy journey to preserve my family’s history and make sure my ancestors lived on. But for those of you who don’t know my genealogy story, keep reading… So how did I start? Well it had… Read more

  • Ancestry Hints… (originally posted on 25th May 2020)

    Now as the title suggests, this post is all going to be about Ancestry hints, but why would I do a post on something specific you ask? Well, there’s one message that I do want to make sure is clear and that is: “Do NOT take every hint on Ancestry as gospel. A large percentage… Read more

  • Review: Family Echo (originally posted on July 25th 2019)

    I thought that I’d start off with a goodie. So in the near future there will be more posts but these will be reviews on things that you want me to do, for example, I am doing them on family tree builders. If you have any recommendations on what I should review please Tweet them to… Read more

  • Review: Clanview (originally posted on Nov 16th 2019)

    This time I’m reviewing a family tree viewer with another dimension, it’s a 3D family tree viewer. It’s Clanview! I remember the first time I had gotten a follow from an account on Instagram and like I do with every profile I have a browse but this was different, this site had me very intrigued… Read more

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