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  • Update: Ancestry partner with Photomyne

    2. Partnership with Photomyne Now with Ancestry announcing their new partnership with Photomyne, here’s what Ancestry has to say, “…With Photomyne, Ancestry now gives you an easier way to digitize old family photos, by scanning and uploading multiple photographs at once through the Ancestry mobile app. A process of cropping, rotation, and image enhancement is… Read more

  • Ancestry Stories: An Exciting Addition

    So, quite a bit has happened with Ancestry in the past week in the form of new and exciting features. Here’s one of them: Ancestry Stories If you’re familiar with Instagram, then you’ll probably be familiar with it’s stories feature. This is Ancestry’s spin on it, telling your family’s history in a nice simple format… Read more

  • #MyGenealogyStory

    Welcome to my story in genealogy. This’ll hopefully be one of many blog posts you’ll see today sporting this hashtag. If you’re wondering what I’m on about, see this: So sit back and read on… So how did I start? Well it had been 5 days since my granduncle passed away and a load of… Read more

  • Genealogy For All: Let’s Keep the Discussion Going!

    So firstly, a thank you to Natalie Pithers of Genealogy Stories for letting me post her notes that she took from the discussion. Those who attended should’ve gotten one final email from us. And before I get into the notes, please follow the [brilliant!] creator of the hashtag #GenealogyForAll – Mish. Now all involved have… Read more

  • How Do You Spell That?

    Now, when you’re searching for a name – you always have to try alternatives for that name as it could have often been spelt a bunch of different ways. For example: Smith, Smyth, Smithe, Smythe. But highlighted from Vera on Twitter, that when she encountered someone had the surname Printer Friendly (yes, you read that… Read more

  • The Side Effect

    The Side Effect

    To think that this is my first post in almost a year! Oops. I’ll do an update post another time as I want to write about this first. Now onto the post, with Ancestry announcing a change to their Terms and Conditions (Judy G. Russell covers it here and here) there has been a lot… Read more

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