Ancestry Stories: An Exciting Addition

So, quite a bit has happened with Ancestry in the past week in the form of new and exciting features. Here’s one of them:

Ancestry Stories

If you’re familiar with Instagram, then you’ll probably be familiar with it’s stories feature. This is Ancestry’s spin on it, telling your family’s history in a nice simple format to share your discoveries and ancestors with your family.

It is a story builder that combines photos, records and events (these features are not available yet) and text to craft a story that you can share.

And the best part is it’s very easy to use as well. If you’re wondering how you’re able to share your ancestor story with others, it’s shareable through a link which you send to others to view. But to make sure you’re able to use this feature. Make sure you have the latest update. I am definitely hoping to give it a go at some point!

Here’s what Ancestry has to say,

you can then use the new Ancestry Stories feature on the Ancestry mobile app to combine photographs, saved historical records, and text to craft a story about any ancestor or relative in your family tree.  You can then easily save that story to your tree and share it with family and friends. Doing this could even connect you to family members who might have additional information or photos you would never have found otherwise.”

(you can also read more here)

What are you looking forward to using? (and happy RootsTech!)

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