Important things found on a birth certificate (originally posted on January 30th 2020)

Below is an explanation of what info is in a birth cert:

  1. The registration district that the birth was registered in
  2. What union the district is in
  3. What county the district & union is in
  4. The entry number
  5. Date & location of the birth
  6. Christian/Birth name
  7. Gender
  8. Father’s name and residence (where the father lived)
  9. Mother’s married name and maiden (surname the mother had before she got married)
  10. Father’s occupation (their job)
  11. The residence, qualification & signature of informant (the signature, job & where the informant lived)
  12. The date of registration
  13. Signature of registrar (the signature of the person who registered all of the entries)

Hope this answers some questions! As always, stay tuned for more (and also, if I have made a mistake please let me know!)

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