An Update! (Originally posted on Oct 14th 2019)

So, over the past 2 months, plenty has happened. I have been successful in securing Work Experience and it is a DREAM! I’m working in an archive cataloging a collection for one  week and maybe be able to work alongside a professional genealogist for the other week. I attended an evening class in Genealogy in UCC at the start of October and believe it or not… I was the only teenager there! I have also been lucky enough to be mentioned on the Extreme Genes podcast (Episode 298 – timestamp – 6:50) by David Allen Lambert. I will also be going to my FIRST ever genealogy conference at the RDS in Dublin on the 19th too!

I have also been given the opportunity by Paul Gorry, Vice President from the Irish Genealogical Research Society to receive a student membership to the IGRS. This I am certain will be a huge learning experience to help me improve my knowledge about Irish research and Irish genealogy in general. I would to thank all at the IGRS for giving me this wonderful opportunity to continue learning in this field. I have also been featured in Irish Genealogy News as well (Thank you so much Claire!)

Stay tuned for more…

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