Review: Clanview (originally posted on Nov 16th 2019)

This time I’m reviewing a family tree viewer with another dimension, it’s a 3D family tree viewer. It’s Clanview! I remember the first time I had gotten a follow from an account on Instagram and like I do with every profile I have a browse but this was different, this site had me very intrigued a 3D family tree builder… I hadn’t seen one up until now! In this review I will give my honest opinion on this one-of-a-kind family tree builder!

So what can I tell you about Clanview?
Well, Clanview is first and foremost a “publishing and sharing tool” designed for any family history researcher to use instead of paying for a computer printer, chart printing service or book publisher.  A researcher buys it to overcome the problems and costs involved with these alternative methods.

  • It does give you an free option so you can get in on the sweet 3D action
  • It is very easy to move around the tree so you don’t have to click & drag to find the person that you’re looking for
  • It is easy to see on all devices such as phone, tablet & laptop
  • It has an easy sharing interface so you could easily send someone a link to your tree
  • If you find it difficult to move around you can use the search bar at the bottom of the screen
  • It’s a practical way to view a family tree
  • You can insert pictures into it using services like Dropbox or Google Photos
  • It’s easy to view stories & info about your ancestor by double-clicking the info card below the figure
  • You can import your tree from a wide variety of sources as seen below 
  • Depending on how big of a researcher you are, there is bound to be a plan that fits your needs below are their products and prices
Clanview’s pricing plans

And where there are pros there are also cons:

  • As you can see in the free version there is a 250 people limit, for me unfortunately my trees are a bit bigger than that but for a few that I have they would fit under that criteria
  • I would incorporate a way to edit details as it only acts as a viewer (which is a shame because I could see this being brilliant if that function was there) so you’d have to keep importing it which may be a bit irritating to some

But compared to some family tree builders along with Family Echo, there were more pros than cons, which is something that I admire! I’d feel that this is a pretty good tool to have in your genealogical arsenal! Stay tuned for more…

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